The basis of each project should be a conversation with the future user of the designed space. Understanding the needs of employees and the principles of the functioning of the UXPin office was a key element of the project. UXPin needs vary depending on the phase of the project and specific tasks. Some work steps require total silence, while others less formal teamwork , where the common conversation and relaxation support the creative process. When designing the new office, I focused on the creation of zones and separate their respective compartments with improved sound insulation. Thanks to this new office is open and at the same time adapted to work in teams, quiet and allows to focus on tasks. In the zone of silence we have one spaces, conference room and total silence room. In these rooms, you must comply with rulebook.
Noise zone includes the reception, kitchen with dining area and a space for casual teamwork with a cup of hot coffee and a laptop on your knee. From this area we can also get to the room FIFA games/ music room and football.

Dominant colors in the interior are white and graphite, which, combined with pine plywood create a friendly atmosphere. An interesting element used as a wall covering are cardboard tubes, which have a modern look. At the same time they improved the acoustics of the music room. In addition, worth paying attention to the wall in the “café”, which was covered with felt, this element of interior decoration, effectively suppresses sounds.

Project made by – em2 pracownia projektowa