Private flat

The main goal ofapartment’s design in the building of concrete slabs in Sopot, was the opening of the divided space and the introduction of aesthetics, which will give the new light, free and cozy character. Investors were receptive to serious changes to the building and despite fears agreed to demolish the walls between the kitchen, living room and hallway. The combination gave the effect of spaciousness and encouraged to design original furniture to size, an unusual design to personalize apartment. For instance, openwork bookcase, between the entrance zone, a relaxation area, which functionally demarcates the two spaces, but at the same time does not constitute a literal and rigid barrier. This is a free piece of furniture, designed mainly for storage of a rich collection of books, but not only. Bookcase was constructed to sit down – it can be used as an extra seat in the living room.
Another interesting element that catches eye already from the entrance to the apartment is
‘peninsula kitchen’ with an unusual design with slat oak, that is a stand for the bottle.

Cozy and warm character of the interior is dominated by white and natural oak color. Inside we find also accents of sea color, which give character to the bedroom.


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